Find the Perfect Voice Talent Agency for Your Project

Finding the right voice over artist for your project does take a lot of time. You don’t want to rush and pick the first person that contacts you or you contact. Making sure the voice artist is going to be able to deliver exactly what you want is key to creating the perfect voice over for your project. Whether it is a commercial, voice mail message, or narrator for your audio book you want to make sure that you end up with a professional voice recording. Here are a few tips for hiring voice over talents.


Now this may seem simple. Of course you would listen to a voice over demo but you want to make sure that you listen to more than one. The first one you may listen to may seem like it is the perfect fit but don’t skip over others. There are 1000’s of professional voices through many different companies. Take your time and listen to a number of them even if it is just one company that you have decided to work with. The number of voice over talents they have available and they should have more than one person who speaks the language you are looking for.

Native Speakers

This one can be a little tricky. There are plenty of people who have learned and speak a number of different languages. They may seem like they are able to do the job but there may be some things that they miss because the language you are looking for is not their native language. With the number of people who are voice over actors you want to make sure that what you want translated will be done the right way. There are plenty of ideal talents that might not be native speakers but if you can work with a voice over agency that has native speakers they should be who you work with.

Male or Female

Of course this is going to depend on exactly what type of project you are working on. You may need a male and female voice or just a female voice. Deciding which is going to work better for your project will depend on what it is you are recording. It is found that a female voice over works better for greeting messages and voicemail recordings. Since typically women are the ones in the office that answer phones it is something that seems natural when people hear it. This of course doesn’t mean that you should only use female voices for this type of thing. It is about what would be a fit to your project and what would seem natural to those that are going to be listening to your voice over.

Voice overs can make any project perfect. It helps a company reach the people it is trying to reach in the language they would understand. It gives consumers confidence in the company that they are working with and can make things run smoothly. These tips for hiring voice over talents should make the process easier. It’s a short list that can take some of the guess work out of starting a contract with a voice over agency.

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